Oliver Gelleni

I am an Austin based photographer who specializes in band photography, portraits/fashion and social events (not weddings). I shoot exclusively on 35mm film so you get that powerful presence and beautifully classic look that digital just can't imitate. If you have a gig or event you want captured in a unique way, email me at jelenicstills@gmail.com or click the "contact" button above.

At the age of 6, my father and his parents moved to Italy to avoid conflict in Yugoslavia. His family name was changed from Jelenic to be more Italian sounding. The man not only instilled in me a love of art and storytelling, he gave me my very first camera which I still use to this day, a Pentax K1000. And so, going back to my family roots, I created "Jelenic Stills."


Lady Zion and the Babylon Boys, Animal Abstrakt, Beard the Lion, 24 Frames of Light, private parties.